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Mining Law

Mining companies (gas / petroleum / minerals) are vested with various rights under relevant State laws to conduct exploration, prospective, development and mining operations on privately owned / leased land, subject to Government approval.

We have vast knowledge and experience in this ever evolving area of the law, and is able to assist, advise and negotiate on behalf of mining companies and private landowners alike with respect to exploration and mining applications, access, compensation, voluntary sale agreements, “Make Good” agreements and rehabilitation obligations.

Most recently, our experience (both for landowners and miners) has included gold, copper, coal, gas and petroleum companies.

We keep up to date with all legislative amendments affecting the mining industry. Most recently, there have been significant amendments to affecting geothermal, mineral exploration and development laws – expanding landowner’s rights to compensation and reimbursement of expenses in negotiating with mining companies and other interested third parties.

We are able to provide assistance anywhere in Queensland, the Northern Territory and New South Wales and would be pleased to hear from you to discuss and consider a strategy that best suits your land, or your requirements for the land.