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Vegetation Clearing Laws


DNRME are constantly changing clearing vegetation laws, adversely impacting all rural landholders across Queensland.

Recent amendments, allowed:

  • Changes to Regulated Vegetation mapping protecting more vegetation and further constraints of rural clearing.
  • Protection of areas of regrowth vegetation, now termed High Value Regrowth.

Government mapping is highly inaccurate and creates uncertainty in land management and future planning.


  • Are now vigorously policing the clearing of (inaccurately) mapped vegetation via satellite Early Detection System imagery taken over your land every sixteen (16) days.
  • Conducted a complete review of clearing activities on numerous properties, dating back to the early 2000’s.
  • Has brought  legal actions and criminal charges against landholders as a result of this retrospective investigation.


To prevent further loss of your productive land we suggest the following TWO STEP process:

Step One

Engage a vegetation expert to undertake a desk top review of clearing history on the land and future clearing requirements to Prevent any further changes by DNRME to Regulated Vegetation Mapping  and make application for a “Lock It In” PMAV now.

Step Two

Dependant on the results of Step One and the level of inaccuracies identified on current Regulated Vegetation Mapping;

  • Have the vegetation expert to come to your Land and travel over all of the Land to make an assessment of the existence of Remnant Vegetation or Non Remnant Vegetation.
  • In most if not all instances there is a significant error in DNRME Regulated Vegetation Mapping.
  • Take measurements and conduct site assessments to determine whether the mapped Regulated Vegetation meets the requirements to be classified as Remnant Vegetation.
  • Prepare and make application for modified PMAV to lock in the vegetation for which change can only occur with the agreement of you as landholder.

Suthers Taylor can assist in this necessary process to prevent further loss of your rural land.

Should this be of interest to you, would you please feel free to contact us  for an obligation free discussion in relation to how to implement the process outlined, on your land.

Our contact details are:

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